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A podcast about all things weird (but mostly weird, obscure TV shows).

Aug 31, 2020

We're back (from the future) to discuss our thoughts on Bill & Ted Face The Music! There's a lot to like here, with highlights being Bill and Ted offspring Thea and Billie, the killer robot Dennis Caleb McCoy, and the return of Death. Bottom line: it's a great addition to the series and exactly the injection of joy we...

Aug 28, 2020

In this clip from our Patreon-exclusive episode on Don "The Dragon" Wilson's Bloodfist, hats are discussed and Josh reveals a shameful secret (he has one hat). 

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Aug 28, 2020

On this special bonus mini episode, we make some predictions about the upcoming film Bill & Ted Face The Music! We talk through our memories of the first two films and how the new one seems to be merging both for a "best of both worlds" approach. We also predict what's going to happen, including the complete destruction...

Aug 27, 2020

We close out Awesomely Apocalyptic Arena Action August with the rest of our discussion on The Final Sanction. This is... not exactly the action-packed note we expected to go out on. The Final Sanction has a lot on its mind but it's not exactly sure how to say it. But we do get some explosions, a giant audio recorder,...

Aug 24, 2020

On today's episode, Awesome Action August rolls on with David A. Prior's The Final Sanction. In the first two minutes, nuclear bombs are launched and tens of thousands of people die and no one seems that concerned... so not that different from today. We also get bad computer voices, prison brawls, and killer garden...