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A podcast about all things weird (but mostly weird, obscure TV shows).

Aug 31, 2017

We close out our Spooktacularly Funny Summer Scare-a-thon with the absolutely lackluster Dr. Hackenstein. There is tons of potential here, but it just isn't explored in any memorable way - so we explore it for them by taking their premise and trying to make it better. Josh also takes a bold stance of the fate of...

Aug 24, 2017

We prepare for the end of summer by revealing the last movie in our Summer Scare-a-thon Spooktacular Special Marathon (or WHATEVER we've been calling it). If only Dr. Hackenstein was actually about a computer hacker and not a lame retread of Frankenstein (probably! We haven't watched it yet!). 

Aug 17, 2017

We're heading to the Yuppie-filled beach in this week's episode on the 1987 supernatural comedy Hunk. Just how hunky is this hunk? Why is the devil a time traveller? What exactly IS included in the Yuppie Program? Some of these questions will be answered! 

Aug 10, 2017

We gamed the system a little bit for next week's movie, the selling-my-soul-to-the-devil-to-be hot comedy Hunk, but I can guarantee it won't reach the dizzying heights we predict it will in today's mini episode. 

Aug 3, 2017

We continue our summer series of supernatural comedies with the aptly-named My Mom's A Werewolf. This movie's got it all: cheap-looking werewolves, John Saxon being a creep, a visit to a very weird dentist, and a man with the excellent name Lou Lamont (or does it?).