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A podcast about all things weird (but mostly weird, obscure TV shows).

Oct 31, 2018

We welcome Halloween and close out October with the rest of our discussion on the bonkers killer clown flick Haunted Maze. We discuss many things, including the film's questionable use of country music, the seemingly omniscient security camera, Clancy's love of nonsensical riddles, the geography of the haunted...

Oct 30, 2018

We tried to record a spooktacular episode on 2015's Gnome Alone while we were together in Chicago (with our good friend Andrew Schwartz) and we failed miserably. So we present it here to you as a Devil's Night Surprise. Enjoy! 

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Oct 29, 2018

We head into the labyrinth with our discussion of the first ten minutes of 2017's Haunted Maze, a film that might be less of a film and more of a collection of scenes. Still, we get a lot to discuss in this first section, including a schoolhouse murder, a drooling, disgruntled clown, some missing teens, and the...

Oct 25, 2018

For this extra spooky episode of Hot Diggity Dog, we cover the 'Burbs-aping The Dog Who Saved Halloween. The film stars Dean Cain (or is it Teen Cain?), Lance Henriksen at his creepiest, and Joey Lawrence ("Whoa!") as a talking dog. If you love guys picking up dog turds, a bumbling idiot consistently avoiding jail time,...

Oct 22, 2018

We set up the last film in our Creepy Carnival Halloween month and figure out exactly what Josh and Skinner would haunt if they were ghosts.